Project Rock Toolkit

Sample Documents and Resources

Clear, Concise, and Convincing

The National Urban League prides itself on providing services for hundreds of thousands of under-served people. In order for you to be more successful at telling your story to current and potential donors and funders, this toolkit with sample documents and outlines was compiled. In order for these samples to be effective, each one must be personalized to your Affiliate.

Sample talking points for President/CEO to be given prior to a briefing meeting

A sample pledge card for annual giving

A sample report for tracking dollars toward an annual goal

Using Evaluation for Fundraising Workshop

Sample pledge card, downloadable and editable for other Affiliates' use.

A simple guide to your year-end giving including appeal type, timing, audience, content, and segmentation. 


A checklist and outline of the key elements of your Affiliate's Case Statement

A short summary of your Affiliate.

Shortened Case Statement

Visually appealling, compelling, and concise. Update data to adapt to your Affiliate.


Helpful exercise to effectively pitch your mission

One-page summary of NUL's mission and impact can be adapted for use at any affiliate.

Customizable tool to train Board leadership and staff on how to pitch your affiliate.


A simple spreadsheet to evaluate your board - helpful in building a well-rounded board

A sample solicitation to ask a Board Member for a gift

A sample progress report to a donor or funder regarding the results that their funding has on a program - also can be used as a Stewardship Report Template

Is your Board engaged? Review this list with them to assess your needs. 

Editable 4-page document for use recruiting new Board Members. Document includes background, mission, and Board membership roles and responsibilities. 

Training materials on best practices for our to recruit, orient, and engage Board members in fundraising. 

This helpful tool allows you to inventory fundraising opportunities from your Board of Directors to help you create your annual fundraising plan.


Identify, Cultivate, Solicit. Simple map for moving donors towards the ask.

Recommendations for how to prepare for a solicitation to ensure its success.

Best ways to thank donors at various giving levels. 

Try incorporating an idea or two from this list to engage donors, increase their affinity for your affiliate, and move them towards a larger gift!

Brief tutorial overview of a grant proposal - what to include. 

While no solicitation meeting is the same, there are some general replies that would be appropriate to each of the six (6) most common prospect responses. 

Looking to engage prospects, inform them about your programs, learn more about their interests, and hoping convert them into donors? Check out this training to explore strategies. 

Training on best practices for making and closing a major gift request. Nail these tips and you'll be sure to be successful!

Guide and draft letter to update top stakeholders on the accomplishments of the past year and the goals for the future. It is NOT a solicitation, but rather a chance for top affiliate leadership to connect with top donors and remind them how much their support is appreciated. 


A template for a simple grant proposal - important to follow directions and guidelines of funder when submitting actual proposal

A sample proposal to a Foundation

A sample proposal to a Foundation

A concept paper to pitch a foundation on an idea for a program

A sample proposal to a Foundation

A sample proposal to a Foundation


A sample proposal to a Corporation

A short version of a proposal to test a Corporation or Foundation's interest


Upon identification of a prospective donor, all available and relevant information about the donor can be detailed using this tool.

A short list of some of the websites where you can research your prospective donor's wealth and connections

A sample solicitation script for a meeting with a major prospective donor

Sample proposal to a Major Gift Prospect

A sample thank you letter to a donor for a gift to the Affiliate

A sample call sheet for a staff, volunteer, or board member thank you calling program

A script for a thank you calling program volunteer to use in thanking donors to your Affiliate

A sample planned giving postcard

A sample annual giving letter for year end appeals to general population

A simple outline to draft an annual appeal letter

A sample fundraising request to a donor for a three year pledge - not recommended, but sometimes helpful

A sample prospect profile demonstrating all of the research for a prospect visit

A sample agreement for a three year pledge to your Affiliate

A substitute for a Case Statement

Research informs strategy. Use this simple template to research prospects.

Complete tutorial for how to solicit major gifts and how to handle responses. 


The Development Plan Guidebook details the components of the fundraising roadmap for use by Urban League Affiliates

A sample monthly dollar analysis

A very simple annual fundraising plan

An organizational chart template delegating fundraising responsibility to staff given an Affiliate with no fundraising staff

An organizational chart template delegating fundraising responsibility to staff given an Affiliate with only one fundraising staff

A sample job description for a VP or Director of Development

A sample job description for a part time grant writer

Sample timeline with target dates, audience, and content recommendations for a year-end fundraising campaign.

A simple guide to your year-end giving including appeal type, timing, audience, content, and segmentation. 

Template for a non-solicitation letter for top donors and prospects and guidelines for use. 

Templates for affiliate Donor, Prospsct, and Lapsed Annual Appeal letters, including guidelines for use. 

Week by week email series to promote #GivingTuesday, including an overview of guidelines and draft templates.

Events & Marketing

A checklist of important questions and considerations to review prior to scheduling a cultivation event

A sample briefing sheet for the key leader/speaker at the event

Sample posters to advertise a cultivation event

A sample donor newsletter